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What Is Single Estate Coffee, And How Does It Differ From Single Origin?

What is single estate coffee, and how does it differ from single origin?

Single estate coffee is a way to support the farmers who grow your beans, but does it actually make your coffee taste better?

We say yes!

But what is single estate coffee, and how does it differ from single origin?

Single origin means that the beans come from one region or country (like Colombia or Kenya), but not necessarily from one farm or estate. Single estate on the other hand means just that – the beans are grown on a single farm. It also means that the beans have been grown in a specific environment and processed according to the farmer’s practices—so when you drink it, you’re getting an experience that’s unique to that farm and its growers. The flavor profile of each bean is also influenced by its terroir, which means that the soil, weather conditions and altitude where it was grown all play into how it tastes.

In this way, buying single-estate coffee supports local farmers who are growing their crops sustainably and focusing on quality over quantity. You can tell when someone has put attention into what they are growing—and when they care about how it tastes!

Now that we’ve clarified the difference, we happy to tell you that most of our coffees at South Slope Coffee are single-estate coffees by choice. We genuinely believe these are some of the best coffees you can drink.

Try our Nicaraguan grown by Ben Weiner on his farm called Finca Idealista. Or our Guatemalan, harvested by Mary Louise and Mary Anne on their farm called La Folie. Or, explore some of our other coffees on our website.

Let us know what you think!