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Peru – Moises Ccala Mamani


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Farm: Huaynapata

Community, Province, Region: Yanacocha, Sandia Valley, Puno

Altitude: 1900 MASL

Varietal: Caturra and Bourbon

Process: Washed and Fermented for 17 Hours, dried in raised beds for 15 days on raised beds

Notes: Pear, Honey, Nougat, Black Tea

This is a super sweet coffee with medium acidity and not as fruity as our regular offerings, but wow is this delicious. As we kept brewing it we noticed such a good balance in it. You will get a candy bar sweetness from it a subtle touch of pear and honey to a nougat-like sweetness like a milky way bar. This incredibly well grown and processed coffee is just delightful.

Moises Ccala Mamani is 38 years old and has been producing coffee for 10 years. Like many other producers, he learned how to cultivate coffee by family tradition. More recently, Moises has received technical assistance and a new seedling stock through producer group Alto Inambari. Finca Huaynapata is situated 1900 masl in the community of Yanacocha. The harvest season is between the months of August and September. Moises is a relatively new producer who is incredibly motivated and dedicated to his craft. 

Puno’s Sandia Valley has been a constant source of inspiring producing partners and the delicious coffees they bring to the table season after season. Red Foxe’s relationship dates all the way back to 2007. After a 13-hour bus ride in blazing heat and humidity, Aleco (Co-Founder of Red Fox) met Tibed Yujra, became close friends, and came back to buy coffee every year.

Within the massive Sandia Valley lie many smaller valleys, each hosting unique coffee-producing communities of smallholder farmers averaging just 2.5 hectares of coffee land. Due to a UN-led replanting project in the 80s, much of Sandia Valley grows Bourbon-variety coffee, offering an elegant, floral, honeyed, and dynamically citric character, or, alternately, a rich, full-bodied, and incredibly sweet malic red apple or pear aspect. These coffees are entirely unique to Puno, distinct from what you’ll find in other regions of Peru, and offer something for every palate.

Through many ups and downs, Puno’s Sandia Valley has been a constant in Red Foxes’s work. As some relationships within the valley have ebbed, others have grown, and the coffees have only gotten better over time.

All of these farmers are small in terms of their landholding. They all use hand crank depulping machines, ferment in concrete tanks and wash in the same tanks. A few of them have channels for density separation after washing. The climate can be rainy, also similar to Colombia, so many producers use parabolic beds for drying. The cooperative also offers drying services at their receiving stations meaning that they’ll dry coffee to proper moisture levels for the farmers.

Text and photos provided by Red Fox Coffee Merchants

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