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Nicaragua – Maria Velazquez


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Lot: Botanista Micro-lot

Region: Jinotega

ProducerMaria Velazquez

Farm: Los Angeles

Altitude: 1300 MASL

Varietal: Yellow and Red Caturra

Process: Washed and dried on raised beds

Notes: Jasmine, white grapes, rooibos

100% Arabica

A very elegant, balanced and sweet coffee with the perfect amount of brightness. Very smooth and clean.  You can taste the effort Maria Velazquez put into growing, picking and processing this coffee. It is a beautifull coffee in every aspect. It is uniform in size and color in its green form and after roasted. A true gem.

Maria Velasquez grows coffee on her women-led farm, Los Angeles. She lives with her daughters, and the only men on the farm are workers of theirs. She has a radiant personality. When life gets her down, she picks herself up and throws her positive efforts into her coffee and exotic garden. 

She and her daughters produce Red Caturra, Yellow Caturra, heirloom Maragogype, and some exciting new varieties Gold Mountain Coffee Growers gave them from their living seed bank.

She treated her coffee as specialty coffee many years ago but had been selling on the local market for years at unsustainable prices when Gold Mountain Coffee Growers found her. Through her newfound partnership, Maria hopes to reinvest in her farm and support her daughters, one of whom studied agronomy and the other who studied to be a hair stylist. 

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers is a social enterprise that, in addition to its own farm (Finca Idealista), works directly with coffee producers in Nicaragua, including Yader and Karen, to connect them with roasters abroad. GMCG is on the ground, all the time, teaming up with producers willing to take the steps necessary (and whose altitude and soil conditions allow them) to produce high-cupping specialty coffee. We literally stand on every partner farm during picking to ensure ripeness with refractometers and ripeness bracelets. GMCG also carries out sustainable development projects in communities, such as free computing classes for girls from coffee communities, medical assistance, microcredit, running water in schools, and educational supplies.

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Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 6 × 3 × 11 in

5 Pounds, 12 Ounces, 8 Ounces


Whole Bean, Espresso, Aeropress, Pour Over/ Drip, French Press