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Kenya – Fram Farm


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Producer: James Kariruki

Department and District: Kiambu, Muranga

Altitude: 1850 MASL

Varietal: SL-28

Process: Washed and sundried on raised beds

Notes: Black currant tea, tart berries, dreid pear, juicy cranberry

This is a coffee with an intense fruited character. It is a true gem of a Kenyan and a single variety (SL-28) that has a very high cupping score, 91.5 to be exact. It is a complex and bright coffee that ends with juicy cranberry note as it cools and a magnificent raw sugar aftertaste that lingers.

Kiambu lies near the foothills of Gatamaiyo Forest Reserve, and at the border of neighboring Muranga County. Fram Farm is owned and managed by the Kariruki family, James getting his start in coffee through a small plot he inherited from his grandfather. Now at 40, James has expanded their farm to nearly 30 hectares, the entirety planted in SL-28, and sitting at roughly 1850 meters above sea level.

This is one of a few small estate coffees Coffee Shrub (our importer) is lucky enough to buy this year. It is more common in Kenya to buy from the Farmers Cooperative Societies (“FCS”). But buying from a single estate affords a different and unique opportunity to select coffee that can be traced back to its exact provenance, whereas with the FCS’s, you’re buying a blend of hundreds and sometimes thousands of small holders. This is certainly not a bad thing as some of the finest Kenyas are through FCS’s.

Coffee Shrub still turns to the coops for the majority of their coffee from Kenya, but are hoping to continue to cultivate buying relationships with a small number of Kenyan small estates as well.

Text and photos provided by Sweet Maria’s

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