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Honduras – Lindolfo Hernandez Vasquez


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Farm: El Narajanal

Region: San Sebastian – Lempira

Altitude: 1880 MASL

Varietal: Catuai

Process: Washed

Notes: Orange, Peach, Grape

This is a special coffee grown at very high elevations in San Sebastian, Honduras. The beans are small and compact and incredibly well processed. We were very impressed with the taste of this coffee from the get-go. It is not an incredibly complex cup but in a way it is perfect. The sweetness and acidity are very well balanced bringing out beautiful citric and stone fruit flavors. This coffee is vibrant and an all-day drinker that is just very pleasing with a good medium body and lingering tanginess and sweetness that will linger in your mouth. 

This lot was sourced through Honduras Coffee Alliance, a local company based in Danlí, El Paraiso as well as Socodevi, a Canadian NGO.  They work with small farmers in areas that have historically struggled with market access and are mostly working directly with roasters to move coffees into the US and Canada.  Osito (our trusted exporter) is their first import partner to take a substantial position on coffees so they don’t have to do the work of selling directly to roasters.

Taste Honduras project looks to develop a social enterprise that provides producers with opportunities to diversify and increase income. They are currently helping farmers produce honey, process coffee blossom tea, and cascara, and grow complementary crops such as cocoa. Through economies of scale, centralized processing facilities, professional business services, and efficient supply chain logistics, they are helping develop opportunities for sustainable economic empowerment. The cooperatives they partner with have historically sold the majority of their member producer’s coffee to local exporters at conventional market prices. Although some producers were growing exceptional micro-lot coffees, most were not aware of the quality of the coffee they grew, nor had access to buyers that were willing to pay for it. They are working with producers to improve their quality of crop and income.

Honduras Coffee Alliance’s core values are the foundation for building beneficial trade relationships between buyers and producers and support ethical and sustainable trade practices. Offering full transparency to the producers and the buyers by providing a transparency report so the producer and buyer can see how every penny was distributed. Providing the producers with infield technical training and assistance in quality coffee growing and processing.

As you can see this is exactly the type of partners we work with. It’s a full circle of sustainability and traceability which we love. It is the core of our basic values. We truly love working with Osito as they are so knowledgeable about who to work with, helping us to export some of the best coffees in the world. 

Photos courtesy of Honduras Coffee Alliance

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