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Ethiopia – Gute Sodu


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Region: Hambela, Guji

Farm: Various small holders

Altitude: 1900 – 2100 MASL

Varietal: DEGA

Process: Fermentation for 48-72 hours, soaked for 5 hours then fully washed and  sun-dried in raised beds for 10 days

Notes: Cherry, floral, watermelon, white grape

100% Arabica

Gute Sodu washing station is located in Hambela in the Guji region. This station is owned and operated by Snap Specialty Coffee. They are very committed to sustainability in the area. Heavily investing in education for their outgrowing farmers through training in processing and cleaning methods. They also invest in waste recycling systems and are seeking to have all their coffees certified organic by 2021. In this endeavor, even though they are not certified organic, they follow all organic growing and processing methods. Their coffees are meticulously processed.

This coffee is grown in dense forest which is protected by the Ethiopian government allowing to harvest the cherries and no people induced cultivation is allowed. The Harvest season was between November (2018) and  January (2019). The cherries are hand-picked ripe only. The skin is stripped and fruit coated beans are fermented for 48-72 hours then fully washed in concrete channels and soaked for 5 hours then sun-dried in raised beds for 10 days. They allowed this coffee to rest for 4 weeks before hulling, bagging and warehousing for exporting.

This lot is brought to us by Collaborative Coffee Source. One of our main partners for sourcing and exporting incredible coffees. They are very dedicated to finding only the best coffees that are grown in a sustainable environment, not only for the land but for the people. They are our foot on the ground and have only shown how much they care for all people involved starting from the farmer and everyone in between before it reaches the coffee roaster.

This specific lot from Gute Sodu is from CCS’s partnership with Snap in Ethiopia a company with a long-term commitment to producing well-crafted coffees, not out to make a quick buck before the export license system changes again. Controlling and following up on the last and final steps of the coffee’s journey out of Ethiopia is key, and Snap have proved they have the know-how and infrastructure to make that happen.

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Weight 12 oz
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