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Gunung Tujuh – Mount Kerinci – Sumatra


Region:  Gunung Tujuh, Mount Kerinci, Sumatra

Altitude: 1400 – 1500  MASL

Varietal:  Typica

Process: Washed and Patio Sun Dried

Notes:  Toffee, Dried Apple, Tamarind, Vibrant Rindy Orange, Yellow Custard

100% Arabica

A rare opportunity to taste the local cultivar without the lens of traditional wet-hulled processing.

It’s not often we have wet processed Sumatran coffee. The typical processing method is quite harsh on the coffee, and involves wet parchment bagged up at farms, transporting to mills, peeling the parchment off the still wet seed, and then drying the rest of the way. The flavor that comes with this processing method (giling basah) would be considered defective in most other coffee growing countries, but is what’s put Sumatran coffee on the map to begin with. And let’s face it, when done well, the coffee’s are unlike any other. But what happens when you remove the lens of rustic processing? This is a rare opportunity to find out. This coffee comes from Gunung Tujuh area, a higher elevation coffee zone around Mount Kerinci. There’s a cooperative that serves this growing region, and who is fully washing their coffee, meaning they are pulping, fermenting immediately, and moving wet parchment straight to the drying beds. The result is a much cleaner flavor profile than the wet-hulled counterpart, almost no earth tones at all, and acidity that’s normally lacking in Sumatran coffee. The farms in this area are planted in older Typica types, and benefit from the high slopes, situated between 1400 – 1500 meters above sea level.

Photos and Text Courtesy of Sweet Maria’s

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