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Colombia – Decaf Desvelado


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Farm: Multiple Small Farmers

Region: Planadas, Tolima

Altitude: 1800 – 2000 MASL

Varietal: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia

Process: Washed,  EA Process decaffeination

Notes: Milk Chocolate, sweet tropical fruit

100% Arabica

There is a huge stigma with decaffeinated coffees in regards to taste. This decaf is the exception. We also roast it with as much care and love as we do all our coffees. Because it does not give you a jolt we do not treat it like the ugly brother. Put this next to some of our offerings and you will not tell which is which. So if you are in need of that delicious sweet vibrant coffee but can not take the caffeine this is right up your alley.

We source this spectacular decaf through Collaborative Coffee Source and their partner in Colombia Fairfield Trading. They work closely with farmers in Tolima to gather up some well picked and processed coffee before having it go through the decaffeination process.

Descafeinadora Colombia (DC) process this Colombian Desvelado Coffee by mixing it with Spring Water and natural Ethyl Acetate (EA) which is obtained from the sugar cane industry around Palmira, Colombia. Those are the only substances this Coffee gets in contact with.

This Water-EA process allows a gentle caffeine extraction from the bean, allowing the natural structure of the bean to remain intact, as well as making it a perfect bean to roast and extract an incredible aroma and taste. How the Caffeine is removed from the Beans?

First, is the Pretreatment Step, where the Green Coffee beans are steamed with low-pressure steam to remove the silver skins. Then it is moistened with hot water to swell and soften the beans where the hydrolysis of caffeine starts and bonds with salts of chlorogenic acid inside the beans.

Second, is the Extraction Process, the beans are well washed with recirculation of solvent (natural Ethyl Acetate – EA) in the extractors. This procedure has to be done several times in order to remove a minimum of 97% of the caffeine.After the caffeine is extracted, the beans have to be steamed (with low pressure) across the bed of coffee in the extractor in order to remove all remaining traces and residual of EA. After the extractors, the coffee is put in vacuum drying drums where the humidity value is adjusted between 10% and 12% by removing the water previously applied.

Lastly, the Post Treatment, where the coffee is cooled quickly to ambient temperature using air fans and polished with carnauba wax to enhance appearance and protection against environment humidity.

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Weight 12 oz
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Whole Bean, Espresso, Aeropress, Pour Over/ Drip, French Press