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Colombia – Alfonso Sambony


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Region: Pitalito, Huila

Farm: Bella Vista

Altitude: 1650-1750 MASL

Varietal: Caturra and Colombia

Process: Washed and dried in a parabolic drier

Notes: Tropical fruit smoothie, fuji apple, blackberries

100% Arabica

20 years ago Sr. Sambony left the department of Caquetá (to the east of Huila) to buy a farm because he wanted to start cultivating coffee. He considered various parts of Huila as well as Tolima but settled on the hamlet of Monte Bonito in Pitalito. There he bought 3.5 hectares which he has since grown into 6. When he first bought the farm, he was growing 100% Caturra but has since diversified into Variedad Colombia as well. Alfonso is married with three grown children. One of his sons owns a farm adjacent to his, the other lives in Bogotá. His daughter (pictured on the right) lives on the farm with him and his wife and helps manage the house and farm. He also has one 6-year-old grandson. 

This coffee is so delicious we can drink it all day long. Great body and a lingering sweetness that will just make you smile. The fruited characters are perfect and not overly in your face. Beautifully balanced with just the right amount of brightness.

Pitalito is a Colombian town and municipality located to the south of the Department of Huila, Colombia over the Valley of the Rio Grande de la Magdalena, 188 km from Huila’s capital, Neiva. It is referred to as “The Valley of Laboyos” and is also the second most populated municipality in the Department of Huila, with approximately 135,000 inhabitants. Pitalito is considered the largest producer of coffee in Colombia. Being at the epicenter of the coffee-producing District of Bruselas, the town has become a notable coffee-growing area within Colombia. On several occasions, it has been awarded the “Cup of Excellence“, for producing the best coffee in the country. The valley itself lies at about 1,300 meters above sea level. All the surrounding mountains grow coffee with an average farm having about 6 hectares and about 5,000 trees per hectare. The soil is volcanic, providing plenty of organic nutrients for the high altitude coffee.

We sourced this lot in partnership with Osito coffee. We highly value Osito’s way of making long term relationships with the farmers. This gives us trust that we are purchasing not only incredible coffees but that they are directly helping the farmer earn a living with respect and dignity for their hard work. Osito’s bond with growers is rooted in their shared understanding of what goes into growing coffee. Their experience growing coffee in Colombia allows them to facilitate real relationships between roasters and growers across the globe.

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