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Brazil – Jaguara


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Region: Campo das Vertentes – João Del Rei

ProducersAndre Luiz Gracia and Natalia Moreira

Altitude: 1040 MASL

Varietal: Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural

Notes: Apricot, citrus and sugary

100% Arabica

Jaguara farm had its beginning from a trio of friends (Antonio Wander, Rubem Carlos and Rubem Murilo).They planted the first coffee trees in 2001 in the Campo das Vertentes region. The name of the farm is due to an important Quilombola community surrounding the farm, named Jaguara. The farm now belongs to Andre Luiz Garcia, his wife, Natalia Moreira and their son Benicio Garcia. Who bought the farm from the previous owners, Andre and Natalia work together to develop the farm, supporting each other with their strengths in different areas of coffee production.

André is an agronomist, and researcher at Procafé Foundation specializing in pruning and producing coffees. The farm is situated next to Sao Joao del Rei, a very important historic town in the colonization of Brazil and famous due to the gold mining and have historically not had the tradition of coffee production. With a predominance of mountains at high altitudes (for being Brazil) the coffee trees have adapted very well.

Nordic Approach (our exporting partner) has built a strong partnership with Jaguara over the last 5 years of working together. At Jaguara they pay a lot of attention to sustainable practices as well as environmental and social benefits for their workers. They mapped out the potential for quality in 2015 and are now investing to improve the flavor profile of each lot. The intense flavor and balanced nature of this particular lot made it stand out as a good, solid, and familiar Brazil. 

Steps to improve sustainability include using technologies that have lower environmental impacts, using different cultivars, integrated weed management, pruning and other techniques. The balance of nutrients is managed by organic compounds associated with rock minerals in the soil.


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