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Now We’re Cooking—With Coffee Recipes

Now We’re Cooking—With Coffee Recipes

We always encourage people to try coffee in different ways. For instance, we recommend experimenting with different roasts, various grinds, and unique brewing techniques. But what about cooking with coffee? 

This month, South Slope Coffee offers exciting recipes using brewed coffee and coffee grounds, as well as unusual ways to incorporate coffee into your everyday cooking. All of them delicious, these concoctions vary from showcasing coffee-forward profiles to milder hints of coffee notes. If you make anything we suggest, or if you have a back-pocket recipe that you stand by, please let us know in the comments. We look forward to experimenting with you!

Bon appétit!

Begin with Breakfast

If you love your coffee with breakfast (we start the day with lots of it), we think coffee waffles with coffee butter sounds like the perfect way to get the day off to a peppy start.

Waffles made with coffee

Photo by: Alex Lau

Photo by: Michelle Sun/Tasting Table

There’s also this stick to your ribs and open your eyes maple espresso oatmeal that sounds oh-so-appealing.

Maple coffee oatmeal

Lighter Fare

Feel like a refreshing salad is in order? Prepare this light seasonal vinaigrette made with regular household pantry ingredients, including—of course—your favorite coffee. 

Photo by: Peden + Munk

This Costa Rican-inspired black bean dip hits all the right notes with salty, sweet, sour, and a kick of coffee at the end. It’s a hit at parties or a fun snack to have around the house—not to mention healthy, too! 

Black bean dip made with coffee

Photo by: Mark Weinberg


Summer is the season for grilling, so why not try out these heavenly coffee-crusted barbecue beef ribs? Coffee and barbeque together sound like a home run to us at SSC.

Photo by: James Ransom

Tacos, anyone? How about tacos, pork, and coffee? Yeah, us, too. Braised pork in cherry ancho mole will be a household favorite soon. 

Pork tacos in coffee adobo

Photo by: Bobbi Lin

Last, but Never Least

Leave it to Nigella Lawson to develop the perfect, 4-ingredient, 1-step, no-churn, coffee ice cream recipe. How do you thank someone for utter perfection?

Nigella Lawson coffee ice cream

Photo by: James Ransom

Ahh, Vietnamese Coffee Cake. If you love desserts as much as you love coffee, this is the treat you deserve. Brew a strong batch of Joe, follow the recipe’s directions, and enjoy your creation. 

Photo by: James Ransom

We hope you’ve enjoyed our suggestions. If you make any of these recipes, please be sure to let us know and tag us on social media. We’ll make sure to do the same.