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How To Brew A Single-Cup Clever Dripper Recipe

How To Brew A Single-Cup Clever Dripper Recipe

Here’s my favorite single-cup clever dripper recipe! It uses 300ml of water and 20g coffee.

Before you can make your coffee, line a Clever Dripper with an extra-large size 4 white paper filter. Then grind your coffee medium course. This will help prevent grounds from getting into any part of our drink other then what we want there which would be sweet loving sip worthy brew right? Now boil your water to 206F.

Step 1
First, pour some of the hot water into your dripper, thoroughly soaking the dripper. Set the dripper on top of a cup and let the water drain into that. Discard it when done.

Step 2
Fill the filter with ground coffee.

Step 3

Set your kitchen scale to zero and pour 300 grams of hot water into it, thoroughly soaking the grounds until they are all soaked through. When you’re finished steeping your coffee, let it stand covered for 1 minute before uncovering and quickly stirring once to break up any straggling grounds that may be floating on top. Continue brewing for another 2.5 minutes covered after that.

Step 4
Allow the coffee to fully drain into the cup.