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What we do and why.

We purchase green coffee from some of the best farms and producers in the world—partnering with importers who have the same ideals we do. Treating everyone with respect and fairness. All of our purchases are sustainable, traceable, and environmentally sound.

Coffee is human, natural, agricultural, cultural, scientific, and a beautiful business.

We believe that coffee should be roasted to highlight its best natural flavors, so we do not have a cookie-cutter approach to green coffee shipment we receive. Through much care and experimentation, we roast each one in many different profiles to find its best flavors. The result is a cup of coffee that highlights its terroir and the quality of its picking, processing, and roasting. You will find sweetness, clarity, and balance in the cup and no roastiness, baked flavors, or underdevelopment. Our roasts are all light to medium-light. We roast to order so that you always receive the freshest coffee.

The beautiful journey of coffee.

We truly love every aspect of the coffee world, being that so many moving parts have to come together perfectly for the final product to be so delicious. Coffee is human, natural, agricultural, cultural, scientific, and a beautiful business. It is also sometimes a very hard, uncontrollable, and unfair industry so we want to be a part of the change that highlights the good business it is while helping grow communities from the farmer to the consumer. It is unfathomable how one bean affects so many lives; from the community it is grown and processed in, to the importers that ship and store it, to the roasters who make their best efforts to roast it right, to the baristas who take much care and precision to brew it the best way possible, to the consumer who learns how to brew it and enjoys it at home and finally let’s not forget the coffee shops that bring a community together. Let’s celebrate the beautiful journey of coffee. We hope that you enjoy what we do as much as we do.

About us.

We are a husband and wife team (Luis Hellmund and Cristina Coll) who began our relationship through the love of coffee. We were both born in Caracas, Venezuela, which at one point in history was one of the most important coffee growing countries in the world. Our culture revolves around coffee. From a very young age, we were introduced to coffee as a social event that is made to be shared and brings the community together after meals and anywhere in between. We have always loved coffee one way or the other but our introduction to specialty coffee happened through many small experiences and interactions. First, a small roaster in Miami, introduced us to the many types of flavors single origins have to offer as well as many different brewing methods. Then, a trip to Brazil and a small little coffee shop that had many specialty roasts opened our world even more to well roasted and processed coffee. Finally a trip to Boston finished teaching us exactly what could really be done with well sourced and roasted coffee. From this date on our view on traditional coffee was changed forever.

We read extensively on coffee roasting and got educated on how to roast on Mill City Roasters in Minneapolis.

We discovered Scott Rao through his book “Best Roasting Practices”. The whole practice of roasting coffee consistently and well is no easy task. Deciding to ask Scott to mentor us in all aspects of roasting coffee was the best decision we have made. We learned from him how to setup our roasters correctly from day one for better consistency and how to manage our profiles to get the best of each coffee. The result speaks for itself. Our coffees are devoid of roastiness and baked flavors; with a lingering sweetness, vibrancy and clarity batch after batch. 

It is very important for us to only buy green beans that are paid for fairly and are traceable right to the place they are grown and processed.

Our first roaster.

Out of intense curiosity for coffee and how it is processed and where it comes from we stumbled on to roasting coffee at home. After purchasing a Gene home roaster and buying as many small packs from many different origins and farms we developed a strong passion for roasting more than we can really explain. The whole idea of choosing what origin, farm and type of processing attracted us the most. We would spend many days and nights roasting the coffees we were going to consume. Through much tinkering, we became very good at roasting at home, learning at a quick pace from having to roast small batches (250 grams per batch). We also started to give coffee to friends and family who were very impressed with how good our coffee was. Luckily at the time there were many vendors for home roasting that allowed us to buy small amounts from many different origins, which only increased our knowledge of the world coffee market.

After living in Miami for several years due to the political unrest in our native Venezuela, we relocated to the beautiful mountains of Asheville, North Carolina in 2017 where we decided to take our passion to the next level and roast coffee for a living. Asheville with its beautiful mountains reminds us of our home town of Caracas which also sits in a valley. Besides that we also fell in love with Asheville for its people, charm, food scene, and all its activities.

Before moving to Asheville, we started planning on the idea of a coffee roasting company and what the meaning of it would be. Planting, picking and processing coffee is one of the hardest jobs in the agricultural world. Being that coffee comes from third world countries only adds to the struggle the farmers have to deal with. Most of the time, due to the lack of infrastructure and remote locations, it makes it more difficult for these local farmers to be able to take care of and transport their product. That is why we feel it’s so important to highlight the farmer/producer as the star of the show. For us, it is the logical thing to do because of all of the hard work and passion these farmers put into their crops.

We do not have any big marketing gimmick or crazy branding names on our packages, just the producer/farmer and a story on where the coffee comes from, where it is grown, and the type of drying process is all the consumer will see on our bags.

We hope that when you buy and brew any of our coffees you feel the love and passion we put into sourcing and roasting.

It is very important for us to only buy green beans that are paid for fairly and are traceable right to the place they are grown and processed. That is why we only work with importers who have these same ideals. Our mission is to be fair and help the lives of the farmers. By supporting this mission we get in return some very beautiful coffee.

Our intention.

Through much learning and tasting we realized that coffee should be enjoyed with no additives whether it be as a pour over, drip, french press, espresso or any other extraction method. We learned how to roast in a way that would highlight the coffee’s best natural flavors while at the same time ensuring no over roasting, baked or underdeveloped flavors. Not roasting to a specific degree of roast but to where each individual coffee tastes best. Working harmoniously with the coffee and not forcing it to be something it shouldn’t. We encourage to drink our coffees straight up but are not going to judge anyone too heavily for drinking it how they like best.

We hope that when you buy and brew any of our coffees you feel the love and passion we put into sourcing and roasting. Each purchase is genuinely helping the coffee community and farmers where it was grown.